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Is The New England Patriots Dynasty Dead?

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Tony Romo kept mentioning a chill or a nervousness inside of Gillette Stadium at Foxboro on Saturday evening, as rain fell throughout the matchup that foreshadowed what was coming for Patriot fans around the world.

All season long, a lackluster performance on the offensive side of the football where most of us football fans had always recognized the Patriots as being a powerful juggernaut with a deep receiving core with a wide array of options to make a play – has led to numerous critics and analysts declaring this to be the end of the New England Patriots dynasty – in the AFC East – and in the league itself.

It feels weird in a new decade saying that statement – “The New England Patriots Dynasty – and the greatest quarterback of all time – is no more.” All the years that I’ve been watching football (and keep in mind I’m 26 years old) – I’ve seen the Patriots dominate the AFC and consistently put up winning numbers since 2001 (17 divisional championships, 9 conference championships, 6 Super Bowls)

The biggest determinant in Tom Brady’s decision to return will be unfinished business – he’ll be a free agent for the first time in his career. But what more is there to accomplish as the greatest QB of all-time?

Call me a lunatic, Pat. I think he’s done.

How much left does he have left in the tank at 43 years old?

Can the New England Patriots get creative and explore some weapons for him next season?

Could the Patriots offer Brady a team-friendly deal in doing so?

In a league that has coaching vacancies in Dallas, Cleveland, and Carolina – what happens to Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels?

There are multiple teams out there who could use a QB – but I don’t see Tom Brady looking to greener pastures. It’s New England or nothing.

Way too many questions to be answered on a night like tonight – amidst the misery in Massachusetts and across the New England & Northeast.

I’m not a psychic nor do I ever want to be – but the Tennessee Titans might have ended the reign and the dominance of the Patriots. This may be the end for the greatest quarterback of all time.

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