Is Taylor Heinicke a Franchise Quarterback?

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Ok, I know Washington didn’t get the win today, but how about Taylor Heinicke? The guy threw for over 300 yards, added another 46 on the ground, and went head to head with Tom Brady for over 60 minutes today. Look at this touchdown! The testes on Heinicke!

That was some man football right there. Shit, Heinicke played better than Russell Wilson today! The guy was making plays with his legs, making smart plays with the ball, and displayed sniper-like accuracy. Imagine the success he would have had if he wasn’t throwing to a bunch of future custodians (except McLaurin.)

Heinicke really did hit the lottery tonight. He balled out with the entire world watching, and that’s all you need to land yourself a job in the NFL. I’d bet every dollar I have that a minimum of 6 GMs watched that game tonight, and are actively considering bringing in Heinicke to compete for a job. After one solid performance. Congratulations, Taylor! You just earned yourself at least two more years of multi-million dollar contracts!

The craziest part to me was that Heinicke was enrolled in online school just a few months ago. Not to get ahead of myself, but I am currently enrolled in online school. Does this mean I still have a shot? Who knows, a few classes here, a gym workout there, this time next year your boy could be starting in a playoff game.

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