Is Steph Curry on the Nets?

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So I’m watching the Nets preseason game today, and it’s evidently clear that one of the league’s best point guards is playing for Brooklyn. But, you’re watching this and you’re thinking “wait, isn’t Kyrie out because of the vaccination, who am I watching?” So yeah, for a split-second there I really thought I was watching Steph Curry with the Nets. But I was wrong, it was Cam Thomas. AKA the next coming of Steph.

I really don’t know how Sean Marks does it, because despite having the 27th pick, he completely hit the lottery with this kid. He won summer league MVP, and now he’s icing preseason games, is an all-star appearance next? Seriously, I’m convinced that Sean Marks can see into the future. I mean, everyone the dude touches turns to gold, and Cam Thomas might honestly be his best work. I might have to track Sean down and ask him some questions in regards to my personal future, becuase he can clearly see the future. I wouldn’t ask anything crazy, just some simple life questions, you know? Things like, who’s gonna win the Usman fight next month, is Dak a franchise guy, will I ever get rid of my crippling anxiety, you know, the simple stuff.

And don’t get me wrong, I love Kyrie, but Cam Thomas being awesome makes me way less nervous about his situation. Plus, everyone’s saying that Kyrie is being a huge mentor to Cam, furthering the proof that the media bias against Kyrie Irving is completely unreasonable and he’s actually one of the best leaders in the NBA. But I guess that’s a story for another day.

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