Is Steph Curry Gonna Drop 62 Again Tonight?

Wow. After a quarter in the books at Denver tonight, Stephen Curry is putting on another show. He’s got 12 points on 5/7 shooting, and is 2/3 from deep. He remains the most electrifying superstar in the entire NBA, and half the fun is just watching how teams try to defend him. They’ll throw 2, sometimes 3 guys at Steph just to prevent him from jacking a 30-footer, and even then they can’t stop him.

Now… the road back to 62. Even if it doesn’t happen tonight, something leads me to believe Curry’s getting there again this season. It’s his career high, but it would be way higher if he wasn’t sitting fourth quarters for his whole career. No Klay Thompson, and no real lethal scoring threats on the team, he’s gonna need some wild statistical nights to keep them in some games.

So, what kind of numbers does everyone wanna see Curry hit this season? Personally, I’m hoping he can hit Kobe Bryant‘s 82 mark, and I think it’s really in the cards for him.

Side note: One of the things I desperately want to see before I die is a 100 point NBA performance. Only 25 per quarter, doable right?

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