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Is Sofia Franklyn Ever Going To Come Out Of Hiding? #CallHerDaddy – @sofiafranklyn

This might be the most random thought ever, haha, speaking of thots, haha, I just randomly had a thought, is Sofia Franklyn still alive? Honestly. I feel like it’s been ages since we’ve last heard from her. Hell or even heard of her.

Yeah, the former host of Call Her Daddy who left for Suit Man? Is she ever going to come out of hiding? It feels as if she’s been gone from social media for ages.

Some of the Call Her Daddy fan’s are searching for answers.

The last tweet from Sofia is from February 17th. She posted like eight weeks ago on Blackout Tuesday.

Besides that, she’s been pretty far off of the grid. Which makes sense but you’d think by now she’d have came out with some sort of plan. Everyone knows what happened with Barstool, are they not allowing her to come out and post content on Twitter? Probably not.

I haven’t been too much into the loop of CHD lately but I’m assuming they don’t talk about her anymore?

Has she been doing her own podcasts right now and planning on posting them?

That’s what some people have been talking about lately, but who knows if that’s true.

More tweets from people wondering about Sofia:

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