Is Shane Dawson Officially Cancelled? One of The World’s Most Powerful Families are Leading The Charge. @shanedawson @jaden

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One of Youtube’s most controversial content creators Shane Dawson is under fire yet again after he issued an apology video, entitled ‘Taking Accountability’ for ‘making videos in blackface, saying the N-Word, and making jokes about pedophilia.’ Shane has always made ‘edgy’ and controversial content to push the limits and never has faced heavy backlash like he is now, and this all is well warranted.

I’ve never spent a second watching any of Shane’s content because I have heard of him being a racist, and a creep with sexualizing very young girls so I never wanted to contribute to his views but it looks like Twitter and the rest of the Internet is coming for Shane and it is well deserved. Someone that is leading the charge is none other than Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith:

In today’s current climate where people are digging up anything and everything in an attempt to ‘cancel’ the other person time will tell if Shane Dawson gets what he truly deserves but to say the least this is unacceptable and he needs to be held accountable for what he has done. Even Jada Pinkett Smith weighted in on Twitter:

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