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Is Riggs The Softest Human Alive? I thought he was leaving the damn hospital! Turns out he was only leaving Pinehurst Golf Course After 99 days. | @RiggsBarstool

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This afternoon I was scrolling through social media and I noticed a post from Riggs from Barstool Sports. The video showed him walking out of a big building, which… I thought was a hospital with people clapping and cheering him on as he broke down in tears leaving. I started getting worried. I started searching “why is Riggs in the hospital?” Nothing would show up besides his eye.

I started wondering if maybe, just maybe, he had the coronavirus and he was in the hospital. Nothing. I couldn’t find anything about him in the hospital. I kept doing research and what I found out blew my mind. If you don’t believe me, watch this. Tell me that this doesn’t seem like someone leaving the damn hospital.

Nope just Riggs leaving a golf course. What a softy. “I stayed at one of the best golf courses for 99 days and had to leave for reality for a moment.” Must suck. Apparently he’s buying or renting a place there. I don’t know, just crazy. Who the hell would cry over that? I get it. They’re being nice to you because you’re giving them money. Congrats on your memories and your new drink, but holy hell. I thought of this video when I watched that.

C’mon Riggs! Why would he post this? Lol. I thought someone else posted it for Riggs too. Nope, he posted it. Lol.

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