Is Nick Swisher a Hall of Famer?

There were a lot of snubs in today’s hall of fame voting, but none greater than Swisher. Does he have hall-of-fame stats? Eh, no. But was he the fucking man? Yup.

At a certain point these stuck-up voters just have to start taking fun into account. Swisher was the funnest ball player of my lifetime. He brought unmatched intensity, passion, and a love for the game like I’ve never seen. He’s 100% responsible for thousands of kids like myself falling in love with baseball.

So voters, let Swisher in you freaking Cowards. Who else is getting votes, Scott Rolen? No young fan has ever heard of that dude, I promise you that. But, it’s baseball, they don’t give one fuck about young fans and growing the game, just satisfying elderly folks that’ll be dead within the decade. No bat flips, no universal DH, no Nick Swisher, discgraceful.


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