Is Matt LaFleur Trying To Lose the NFC Championship?

WHAT IS THIS GUY DOING???? Matt Lefleur just elected to take the ball out of Aaron Rodgers hands, and put it into TOM BRADY’S with the game on the line. And for what, a 5 point game instead of 8? What’s this dummy doing?

If the Packers end up losing this game, which they probably will, that could go down as one of the worst coaching decisions since the 2014 Seahawks. How do you not trust Rodgers there? Davonte Adams beats his man on inside goalline slants 100,000 times out of 100,000, it would’ve been an easy pitch and catch! Instead you trust your defense to stop the best quarterback of all time three times in a row. Nice logic, shithead.

Who knows, maybe this sets us up for some Rodgers hail mary magic, but more than likely this costs them a shot at the superbowl. If I’m Aaron Rodgers I’m shitting in LaFleur’s suit case on the plane home … then demanding a trade.

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