Is JaVale McGee a Better 3pt Shooter Than Luka Doncic??

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3-Pointers Made This Season:

Luka Doncic: 2

Javale McGee: 3

Numbers. Do. Not. Lie. Fait of the earth on the line. Martians have the death beam pointed at earth and are gonna shoot unless some asshole hits a three or whatever the fuck Max Kellerman said… I want Javale!!!

If you’re a Mavs fan this really has to raise some major questions, right? Is Luka your guy? Can he really carry a team to post season success? Would the franchise be better off building around a pure sharpshooter like Javale McGee? I think you really gotta weigh your options on this one. Hear me out, at this pace, were the men to shoot one million three pointers, Javale Would score 505,000 more points than Luka. (Yes I busted out a pencil and paper and did the math #dedicated).

Now, for any buffoons who don’t understand sarcasm… I am joking. This is clearly a statistical anomaly, and will be corrected within a week. But if I’m Javale I’m never letting this go.

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Noah Gagnon

19-year-old student. MMA Enthusiast. 2014 Bedminster Middle School Boys Mile Run Second Place. BJJ White Belt. Kind Guy.

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