Is Fred VanVleet Betting on Sports? (I hope he is)

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Ok, somewhat click-batey headline, my bad. But, I do wanna take the time to acknowledge the absolute drip Fred VanVleet rocked on his way into the Raptors game tonight. “Absolue drip,” I should be executed. Just look at this shirt.

I mean, where can I get one of those? You gotta take every VanVleet prop tonight, right? It’s a parlay sweatshirt, that’s screaming winner. Honestly, I hope Fred is betting on games. I’m not gonna sit here and pretend like I give a shit if players are betting on themselves in games. If they’re throwing games, sure, thats an issue. But if Freddy wants to pound his point total every night I’m all for it, and I might start tailing.

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