Is Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul the death of boxing?

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DISCLAIMER: I’m a hardcore MMA guy, and a boxing casual, but I’d like to think I know my shit about combat sports. That being said, I really think tonights festivities are putting the proverbial toe tag on the sport of boxing. Think about what the biggest boxing events have been in the last year. You have the Canelo fight, which was sick, and then besides that you’ve got a few Paul brother cards, a Mike Tyson card in 2021, and coming up you’ve got a Youtube vs Tiktok card. Oof. Youtube vs TikTok. We used to have Haggler/Hurns, Ali/Frazier, now we’ve got TikTok vs YouTube. Sport’s thriving.

Not to say that there’s no talent in the sport anymore, because it’s still filled with killers like Canelo, Loma, Errol Spence, Terrance Crawford, I could go on. But the problem is that way more people tune into watch freakshows like Paul vs Mayweather then they do when the prodigy’s of the sport fight. When you have to turn to this complete gimmick bullshit to bring in revenue and attention to the sport, you’re probably on your last legs.

If any other sport were taken over by such hack activities like YouTube vs TikTok it would be a way bigger problem, but since its fighting we just don’t seem to care. Could you imagine if a Team Quavo vs Team Bieber out-rated the NBA Finals? The world would burn, and that’s basically what happens here. If this ever happens to MMA I think I’ll just turn to like real housewives or Duck Dynasty for entertainment, because the sports dead at that point.

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