Is @EliManning going to be…funny?

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Two-time Super Bowl champion and undefeated king of looking like the most boring guy on earth, Eli Manning, decided that retired life was getting to be even too boring for him.

This led him to create a twitter account :@EliManning.

Almost immediately, his old rival Tom decided to chirp him a bit:

That is now to be expected of Tampa Tom. He has been on Twitter for a little over a year and has had some good tweets.

What really surprised me was this:

That was actually kind of funny, Eli.

Manning was referencing the golf match between Tom, Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, and Phil Mickelson this weekend.

I have no idea what to expect from Eli on here, but it looks like we might (probably not) see some good jabs out of him every so often.

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