Is @DylanMaltz10 In Line to Be the NHL’s Next EBUG?

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Somewhere up in heaven Happy Gilmore, Chubbs, our 16th President and an alligator are looking down and smiling.

Dylan Maltz has a nice resume as a lacrosse player. In 2017 he won a National Championship at Maryland and in the Premier Lacrosse League’s first season he and the Whipsnakes brought home a championship. Could Maltz be eyeing the NHL next?

Scott Foster, David Ayers…..Dylan Maltz. When you break it down to it’s skeleton, playing goalie in the NHL is pretty simple. That guy shoots, you stop it from going in the net. Maltz literally did that here with his hands behind his back. No glove, no blocker, not even a shirt and he’s eating tennis balls like your neighbor’s puppy.

If the NHL ever resumes and 2 goalies fall in the same night, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Maltz hop between the pipes. Should maybe get him a new cup though.

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