Is Deandre Hopkins retiring?

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Oh boy, we could be in for some bombshell NFL news. In case you haven’t heard, the NFL passed a rule today saying that games canceled do to COVID cases from unvaccinated players will now result in forfeits. Star Cardinals wide receiver Deandre Hopkins didn’t take too kindly to this and even hinted at retirement on Twitter. Check it out.

If you’re a Cardinals fan, this has gotta scare the shit out of you, right? Losing your star player because he refuses to get the COVID vaccine would be an all-time bad beat as a sports fan, like as bad as losing in game 7 of the eastern conference semis because Kevin Durant has the biggest feet in the history of the universe. I digress.

But if you’re Kyler Murray, I think you gotta get your hands on a vax and just jab D-Hop in his sleep. Yeah, Hopkins would probably be pretty pissed at you for non-consensually vaccinating him, but it’s gonna be worth it when he goes for 1,600 yards this season. Just wait, in a matter of weeks, we’re gonna see Kyler Murray and JJ Watt all over pro-vax ads in Pheonix. Anything to keep D-Hop on the gridiron.

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