Is Dana White to Blame for Today’s Riots?? @DanaWhite

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Wow. Just wow. Two weeks without a UFC card and look what’s happened to our great nation. Complete anarchy. If Khazmat Chimaev and Leon Edwards were scheduled to fight on Saturday do you think anybody would give a fuck about this election? NO!!! We’d all be eagerly awaiting the countdown special and Daniel Cormier’s breakdown of the matchup, not breaking through windows at the US Capitol Building. These guys aren’t rioting out of anger, they’re doing it out of sheer boredom. Thanks Dana.

I’m actually hearing rumors that many protestors rioted to lash out at the lack of UFC cards lately. In fact, one man was heard yelling “just bleed” as he launched a pipe bomb in the direction of a group of police officers. This is just what the world comes to when we’re deprived of cagefighting for more than 14 days, we suffer withdraws and raid the US government. How did you not see this coming Dana???

No but seriously, this is how I’ll be raiding the UFC performance institute if I have to go another three weeks without fights. Like have Bisping and Ngannou standing out front with riot gear on, because I’m coming and ready to protest. Or just have them within like 20 miles of the facility cuz I’m a pussy and they’d beat the piss out of me if I tried to pull any shit.

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