Is Conor McGregor Sexually Attracted to Dustin Poirier?

Anytime there’s a Conor McGregor press conference, you know you’re walking away with an insane amount of headlines and takeaways. For today’s UFC 257 presser, my main takeaway was the bromance that’s budding between both gentlemen.

If you watched the presser you can attest that there’s absolutely no denying the presence of some sort of romantic spark between the two. Conor couldn’t stop harping on all the progress Dustin has made as a fighter, and the two even organized a whiskey for hot sauce trade. Like fellas, just make out already!

If I’m Dustin I’m definitely staying up at night waiting to get hit with that ‘come over’ text from Conor. One knock on the hotel door and the fellas are just gonna get after each other. But hey, I’m happy for them. They’ll get to go to war in the Octagon for 25 hard minutes, then they’ll get to make love in the bedroom for 25 harder minutes as a celebration. Congratulations, boys!

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