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Is Cade McNamara the Answer for Michigan?

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YES. It’s a very simple answer to a very simple question, yes he’s our QB1. Milton has done nothing but disappoint the UofM world in his 5 weeks as a starter and its time for change. Cade McNamara has gave us light when there is only darkness. His throws are on the target and he knows how to put the ball in the endzone which is something Milton struggled with, that is something very important when our kicker forgets how to kick the ball every other game.

Not to mention, did you see the post game video in the locker room of him hyping up the team?

This is a man that wants to win more than anything, he’s a true Michigan man at heart and that’s what we need with how things are going this year. He will definitely be the starter next week vs Penn State, and if he can’t find a win against that trash team this year then there’s a problem. As of right now he’s the best bet Michigan has and I’m excited to see what he can do in the second half of the season. THATS MY QB1!!

Scott Bell’s statement right there should tell it all. It has been 4 weeks since Michigan had a lead and if that doesn’t say something about Joe Milton then I don’t know what does. Cade McNamara is the answer!

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Jonathan Garner

Junior at Grand Valley State University Sport Management Major

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