Is Anthony Rizzo the greatest Yankee ever?

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Ok, before all the dummies get angry, the headline was obviously hyperbole, but wow do I love this guy. In his first three games in pinstripes, he basically carried the Yankees to a sweep over the Marlins, batting over .500 and knocking in 3 RBI’s. Thinking about it, it’s pretty depressing that I’m this excited about a sweep over one of the shittiest teams in baseball, but hey, a win’s a win.

It’s honestly one of the greatest feelings in sports knowing that your favorite team will just buy every good player until they’re a good team. If going out to get guys like DJ, Stanton, and Cole isn’t enough, we’ll just buy some more weapons. It’s awesome. Imagine needing good players and actually having to draft and develop them through a farm system? Couldn’t be me.

Now I’m just looking forward to the reception the guy’s gonna get once he makes his debut in the Bronx. Because if everyone else feels like I do we gotta give this guy an ovation like he’s Jesus making his return for the messiah or whatever’s supposed to happen. This is basically the baseball version of that.

This guy better stay hot though, because the savage Yankee fans will turn on him in two seconds the second he starts to slump.

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