Is Anastasia Knight Dead Or Alive?

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There is a bizarre story coming out of the adult entertainment world over the past couple of days.

Breaking news: Anastasia Knight Update – – Possibly missing! NOT DEAD?! Click here!!

There were reports making the rounds on social media yesterday saying former adult entertainment star Anastasia Knight died at the age of 20 after being bullied online and her body was found by her husband. There was no official cause of death, but the speculation made it sound like it was an apparent suicide. [CLICK HERE TO WATCH A QUICK TRIBUE ON YOUTUBE]

The stories of her death have now been retracted today, at least temporarily. Others have allegedly come forward claiming the whole thing is a hoax and she is not dead.

As of this report there has been no public statement from Knight, or her husband, to confirm either story.

Breaking news: Anastasia Knight Update – Click here!!

Knight debuted in the adult entertainment business back in 2017 after turning 18. She retired last year and hasn’t posted anything on her Twitter since May 2019.

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