Is Adrian Peterson Coming to Save the Seahawks Season?

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I’d like to start this off by saying ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can save this 2021 Seattle Seahawks team. When Russell Wilson is playing like a prime Jamarcus Russell, I think you just accept the fact that you’re season is done. Nonetheless, it’s being reported that legendary running back Adrian Peterson is working out for Seattle this week.

If you’re a Seahawks fan I guess this is kinda cool, right? Like, APs gotta be a better option than Alex Collings. That guy stinks. Seriously, I’ve never been more confident a runningback is gonna rush for no more than two yards a carry than I am with Alex Collins. The guy’s just addicted to getting stuffed at the line of scrimmage.

Plus, with Adrian Peterson he’s always good for a few 7 yard carries a game where we all get to go “he’s still got it.” And in some sense, he kinda does. Adrian Peterson is everything as a running back that Cam Newton thinks he is as a quarterback. The classic “there’s not 32 _______ better than me,” argument is beyond true with AP. Not so much with Cam, but definitely with AP. Look at some of the starting running backs in this league. You’re telling me you’d rather have Darrell Williams than AP? Williams is horrible!

Even if he doesn’t get signed, shoutout AP for sticking with it. Look at what some of the other runningbacks his age are doing. Frank Gore’s trying to box NBA players, Maurice Jones-Drew is 600 pounds, Zac Stacy is ……, and AP is still out here grinding. Do yourself a favor and go watch his 2012 highlight tape. Try not to shed tears. It’s beautiful.

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