Iranian Military Shows Massive Strength!!

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They lobbed some missiles on a huge base knowing that it wouldn’t take American lives. They wanted to show that they had balls too while knowing if they took a life it would be game over. This was political posturing by Iran who didn’t want to look weak in the eyes of the world. So they basically were the 7th grader trying to look seniors and show how tough they are. Iran doesn’t want a war with the United States. Back to Back World War Champs and the best boots on the ground.

So stop freaking out people, it’s Iran this shit happens over there every day, oh it’s nice to see the media not covering Kenya, where one of our own soldiers died and 2 contractors from an attack from Al-Shabaab. How about not getting mad at our leaders and let them do their jobs, like when Obama used over 500 drone strikes I didn’t care so liberals let Trump do his thing. It’s not just him, it’s called advisors and military intelligence. Support your troops!!

Don’t read my shit if you don’t get sarcasm. I.E. the headline is for clicks dumb asses.

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