Investigating BoobGate: Who is the World Series Flasher?

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Much has been made of Sunday night’s boob flashers at Game 5 of the World Series. Nate broke it down for us here and here.

As a self proclaimed boob enthusiast, I decided to dig a little deeper into the situation.

Julia Rose immediately took credit for the flashes, and posted a letter on social media stating she was the culprit and was banned for life from all MLB events.

This seems to be a pretty quick ban from Major League Baseball. This organization took years to incorporate instant replay to their game, do you really expect me to believe they would place a lifetime ban on someone for a morally questionable decision this quickly? (Yes I do expect that, see Rose, Pete.)

I decided to do some independent investigating to determine if Julia Rose was indeed involved in the flashing incident at hand.

Above is the image at question. I decided to take a peak at Miss Rose’s social media accounts to see if I could find anything suspicious.

Folks, I’ve been staring at these photos for hours, and I noticed one glaring difference; the photos on Julia Rose’s verified Instagram account show a tattoo precisely 12 inches below the left nipple.

The captured video shows no such tattoo on either of the two flashers. 

That makes 4 boobs and 0 visible tattoos.

Case closed, folks. The World Series Flashers are still on the loose and I will do everything in my power to find them.


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