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Indianapolis Colts Ink Deal With Quarterback; Carson Wentz To 2nd String?

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It seems like 2022 is the year of controversy for quarterbacks across the NFL. Nearly half the teams in the NFL have been up in there with who their starter will be.

After the NFL Draft, things were no different with the Indianapolis Colts. Earlier this year, the Colts traded with the Philadelphia Eagles for Carson Wentz. While some Colts fans seemed happy with the trade, it seemed like many more were dissatisfied with the idea of Wentz being the starter.

In the third round of the draft, the Colts selected former Texas star quarterback Sam Ehlinger in the sixth round after an amazing college career. While he is still green to the NFL, many Colts fans are clamoring for the rookie to be the starter. While Wentz is slated to start, it likely wouldn’t take long for Jim Irsay to pull the trigger on Ehlinger.

The Colts officially signed Ehlinger today to a 4 year deal $3.6M deal with a $130K signing bonus. For even more information on the quarterback controversy in Indianapolis, be sure to check out the video below.

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