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Indiana Nurse Kristy Ann Wilker RANTS About Black Privilege

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This woman is exposed in a rant absolutely going on about Black Privilege and how it is used against White people. She blabbers absolute nonsense and even brings up the tragic MURDER of George Floyd. Wilker decides that what she says is right and asks us condescendingly to “do our research.” She claims that George Floyd was high off fentanyl, resisting arrest, and also had the coronavirus. She goes on to half defends the officer that killed George by saying he “maybe” had his foot in the wrong spot.

What a crazy rant honestly. She said it with such conviction and with her chest and FILMED herself doing it. What did you expect to happen? Her tone was fucking atrocious. You can see the hate in her fucking eyes. Thankfully news have reported

that this woman has lost her job due to this video. It’s absolutely sickening to see this type of attitude go unpunished and thankfully it’s out for everyone to see. Hopefully her future employers sees this disgusting video too.

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