In Hoyer We Trust?

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So uh, Brian Hoyer, QB1, in the 2020th year of our Lord, for the New England Patriots. I can’t say I saw this coming. I believed in my heart of hearts TB12 was coming back, but when that didn’t happen I started hyping myself up for Jarrett Stidham. Telling myself things like “he won the backup job outright last year, that’s something” and “I’ll take a guy who learned under Tom Brady for a year over some recycled veteran free agent” all the way to “hey remember the scout in Moneyball who wouldn’t draft a guy because of his ugly girlfriend, leading him to believe in the prospect having a confidence issue?” Well….

All good on that front.

So now, the guy that beat out Hoyer for the backup gig last year, is evidently going to back up Brian Hoyer this year? And not only that, he’ll have a “premium pick” rookie to compete with for the backup job? My head is spinning at that a bit.

I’m surprised Belichick took this approach. I assumed he would go into camp (whenever that may be) with an open competition. Hoyer has the experience, Stidham has youth and upside, and a rookie to push both his seniors. But I guess now that’s not the case? We’re rolling with the guy the Browns said “no thanks” to in the middle of another disappointing two seasons? (People forget Hoyer actually had his own 28-3 comeback against the Titans in 2014. That’s more than likely where Tom Brady learned that trick).

Whatever I guess. It’s a really weird time in New England. Brady is gone. There’s a worldwide pandemic keeping everyone home. Jayson Tatum refuses to practice basketball during this break. And now I guess Brain Hoyer is tasked with bringing a 7th Lombardi to New England.

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