In Case You Didn’t Know Steph Curry is Very Good At Basketball

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Steph Curry is the MVP, no if ands or butts about it. If the season ended today, Curry wins the MVP and there is no question about it and it is probably not close. He is insane at the game of basketball and is on another planet at the moment.

The Warriors are so back and they don’t even have Klay Thompson. Don’t like the Warriors win a championship we won’t here the end of it. It is like people wrote this team off and was not expecting them to do anything, did people forget that a man named Steph Curry plays for them?

I mean those numbers are just stupid. Averaging seven made three pointers a game? Are you serious? That is crazy end of story. I don’t really know if Curry has anything ‘left to prove’ he might think so but he is showing everyone why he is the greatest shooter the game has ever seen? Will this Warriors team win the championship, who knows but they are a damn fun team. That is for sure.

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