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IMPACT : Sacrifice Review

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IMPACT’s Special Event, Sacrifice from Louisville, Kentucky has just wrapped up. It was a pretty good night of action, headlined by Tessa Blanchard scoring a huge victory over Ace Austin in their Champion vs Champion main event.

Let’s get into the review…

Segment 1 – Rohit Raju vs Corey Storm. We begin the evening with a match that wasn’t even advertised. We get a nice little back & forth to start the match as Raju goes for a powerbomb, gets reversed by Storm into a nice spuerkick. Raju then makes a counter of his own, gets Storm face-down, goes up to the top of the corner & hits a “Coup-De-Grace” on Storm’s back for the pin-fall victory.

Segment 2 – IMPACT Tag-Team Championship Match. The North (C) vs The Rascalz. Josh Alexander & Trey Miguel start this one out. Alexander takes immediate control & forces Miguel to make the tag to Wentz. Alexander gets the better of Wentz & forces the tag back to Miguel as Miguel once again can’t handle the grappling of Alexander & tags Wentz back in. Alexander keeps control over Wentz before Wentz is able to finally garner a bit of momentum for his team with a nice kick to the midsection of Alexander which gets a 2-count. We get a little bit of back & forth as the challengers are able to control the pace for a couple of minutes before Ethan Page is tagged in by Alexander & starts working the arm of Miguel. Page tags in Alexander as he starts going at Miguel, while Wentz is down on the apron selling the beating he took earlier in the match. Miguel finally starts to make the comeback as he starts chopping Page several times & gets reversed immediately as the Champions keep control for as few minutes as Page tags Alexander back in. The action spills out of the ring as Alexander hits a nasty pump-handle slam on Miguel on the apron. Wentz hits Alexander & Page with a suicide dive on the outside, throws Alexander back in the ring & gets a Swanton bomb countered by Alexander who gets his knees up. Alexander & Page accidentally knock the referee down, Wentz & Miguel get Alexander on the top turnbuckle & hit him with a super-kick & as they’re about to go for a top rope maneuver, Rohit Raju knocks Miguel off the top rope to the floor & Alexander & Page win it with their finishing move as The North retain the IMPACT Tag-Team Championships.

Segment 3 – Ace Austin is shown backstage as he cuts a promo on his opponent later in the evening, Tessa Blanchard.

Segment 4 – Kiera Hogan vs Ray Lyn. Both are playing to the crowd as rhe match begins with a test of strength & Hogan gets the better of Lyn to start things off. We have a good, little back & forth & a more competitive match then we may have thought by the competitors involved. Hogan ends up winning with an inverted suplex.

Segment 5 – Willie Mack vs Jay Bradley. Before the match, Willie Mack is shown backstage with Johnny Swinger cutting a promo. Bradley attacks Mack before the match officially begins as he starts yelling at the referee to ring the bell, the referee refuses until Mack is back to his feet, then Mack goes right at Bradley as the match is officially underway. Bradley hits Mack with a thunderous right hand as Mack is able to get back to his feet & hit BRaldye with a spinning wheel-kick as Bradley heads outside of the ring to regroup. Mack then heads up to the top rope & takes out Bradley with a top rope attack. The pair are back in the ring as Bradley takes control & hits Mack with a gut-wrench slam as Mack kicks out after a 2-count. Bradley starts disrespectfully kicking Mack in the face as Mack hits him with a right hand. Bradley is back in control after getting another 2-count from hitting Mack with a double-axe-handle attack. Bradley goes for a choke-slam but Mack counters with a super-kick & elbow combo & then a power-slam that Bradley kicks out of at a 2-count. Mack then hits a pair of stunners on Bradley before hitting a 6-star splash for the win.

Segment 6 – oVe cuts an eery promo backstage & says none of the IMPACT roster truly knows what sacrifice is & that they’re the measuring stick of the company.

Segment 7 – Mad Man Fulton & Dave Crist vs Larry D & Ace Romero. Larry & Fulton start this one off. Larry takes it to Fulton & clotheslines him out of the ring as each man then tags their respective partner in. Romero lays Crist out with a splash. Romero goes for another splash but Crist hits him with a kick from his back as he tags Fulton back in. Fulton & Romero go at it with absolute hammer shots & Fulton blasts him with a clothesline from hell that wallops Romero as Fulton tags in Crist & the pair work on Romero with some double-team. Crist works on the left knee to try & ground Romero & goes for the cover & Romero kicks out at a 2-count. Crist is tagged backn in & hits Romero with a kick to the face & Romero once again kicks out at 2. Fulton is tagged back in as Romero tries to take both Fulton & Crist out but Fulton blasts him with a shoulder block to the chest. Romero is desperately trying to tag Larry in, but Fulton won’t allow Romero to get anywhere near his corner. Fulton & Romero exchange several clotheslines as they both lay each other out with a double clothesline. Romero & Fulton each make the tag to their partner as Larry takes out Crist after the hot-tag. Larry plants Crist with a slam & hits Fulton with a cross-body & levels Crist with a sit-down power-bomb & Crist kicks out at 2. Romero & Fulton are tagged back in & Romero hits Fulton with a diving elbow which Fulton is able to kick out of at 2. Fulton rolls ouyt of the ring & Romero hits a crazy suicide dive threw the middle rope which the crowd respond with back-to-back “Holy Sh*t” & “this is awesome!” chants. Romero gets Fulton back into the ring as goes to the top rope & Crist holds his legs down, Fulton lifts up Romero & Larry tags himself in & plants Fulton with a right hand as Fulton rolls over to Crist & makes the tag. Crist hits Larry with an inverted flying neck-breaker & Larry is able to kick out at 2. Larry then hits Crist with a nasty right hand & gets then pinfall victory for he & Ace. After the match, Jake Crist who was at ringside for this match, attacks Larry as Daga comes down the the ring for the help. Dada & Jake Crist go at it & their match that was scheduled for later in the evening, is immediately underway.

Segment 8 – Daga vs Jake Crist. The pair start off firing shots on each other as Daga hits a crucifix on Crist for a quick 2-count. They trade some back & forth for awhile & Crist slows the pace down with some grappling as he works on Daga’s arm. Daga rolls under the apron & he’s really selling the arm injury. Crist pulls Daga out of the ring & blasts his arm on the apron. Daga is able to finally get some momentum with a tornado DDT on the outside as the pair head back into the ring. Daga goes for the cover but Crist kicks out at 2. Daga hits Crist with a leg whip for another cover which Crist is able to kick out of, again at a 2-count. Crist regains control by firing Daga into the corner which garners a 2-count before Daga is able to lift his shoulder off of the mat to stay in the match. Crist drags Daga up to the top turnbuckle & Daga counters & hits Crist with a death valley driver from the top rope & Crist kicks out at 2 after the cover. Daga goes back up to the corner & Crist counters the diving attempt into a nasty cutter then goes for the cover & Daga kicks out at 2. Daga goes for a hurricanrana out of nowhere & rolls Crist up for another 2-count. Daga then rolls up Crist once again & gets the win.

Segment 9 – Moose is shown backstage & cuts a very angry promo on Rhino & says he will beat his ass, tonight.

Segment 10 – Joey Ryan vs Johnny Swinger. Joey Ryan offers his lollipop to a fan & oils himself up before the match begins as usual. Then Swinger grabs a mic & says “Joey, we already had this match & it wasn’t my cup of tea”, calls Ryan a knockoff Freddy Prince & calls himself a real wrestler, before offering his Wrestling-101 book so he doesn’t have to lower himself to fighting someone as much of a joke as Ryan. Swinger then drills Ryan with the book. Ryan laughs & is laying in middle of the ring & says he’ll let Swinger beat him. Swinger goes for the cover as the match officially begins & Ryan hops up. Swinger thinks about leaving then Ryan hits him with a few knees to the ‘man’ area & kicks him around the ring. Swinger is able to push Ryan off & hit him with a hook from the top rope then goes for the cover & Ryan kicks out at 2. Ryan latches on the “Dick Flip” then goes for the cover but Swinger kicks out at 2. Ryan then hits the “Sweet-Tooth Music” for the win.

Segment 11 – IMPACT Knockouts Championship Match. Jordynne Grace (C) vs Havok. The match is underway & Grace runs right at Havok who catches her & drills her into the corner. Havok works on Grace’s taped up shoulder & then hits her with a sidewalk slam as she continues to work in some powerful offense on the champion. Grace gains some control with a nice back elbow before applying a rear-naked choke but Havok slams her down to break the lock then hits Grace with a choke-slam & goes for a pin but Grace is able to kick out at 2. Grace kicks Havok in the midsection & goes for a sleeper hold & is able to choke Havok unconscious to retain her title.

Segment 12 – IMPACT World Champion, Tessa Blanchard is shown backstage & says that Ace Austin has no idea who he’s gotten himself involved with & she will make sure that he fully understands, tonight.

Segment 13 – Moose vs Rhino. Rhino hits Moose with a spine-buster as soon as the match begins. Moose rolls out of the ring & says he doesn’t need this then walks to the back. Rhino cahses after him & throws him back into the ring, as soon as Rhino is back in, Moose low-blows him & intentionally disqualifies himself. Rhino then grabs the mic & says to make it a No-DQ match which Moose obliges too & we’re back underway as this is now a No-DQ match. I’m going to cut this one a bit short as the 2 just had a No-DQ match at the last PPV & this was much of the same. Some trash can shots, a bunch of chair shots, we even had a shot from a hammer & a nice spulex from the top rope by Rhino on about 5 steel chairs & after some heavy offense from both sides we finally, get the finish as Rhino misses a gore through a cornered table & Moose ends up spearing Rhino through the table for the pin-fall victory.

Segment 14 – Champion vs Champion Match. Tessa Blanchard (IMPACT World Champion) vs Ace Austin (X-Division Champion). The match begins with a test of strength & Tessa blasts Austin with a vicious slap to the face. The pair encounter in a back & forth affair for awhile as the intensity finally picks up when Austin goes for a cutter which Tessa reverses into a cutter of her own then hits a trifecta of suicide dives then Austin counters with a northern lights suplex & goes for a cover but Tessa kicks out at 2. Tessa then hits Austin with a nasty DDT & goes for a cover of her own but Austin also kicks out at 2. Austin reveres a “Magnum” attempt from Tessa but Tessa drags him up to the top rope & hits him with that very move for the win.

It was a good night of action, overall & these are neat, little events that IMPACT treats us to in-between their big PPV events.

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