I’m Writing This To You To Avoid Studying

It’s the weekend folks! Yippie! Want to know how my Saturday Are For The Boys aka #saftb is going? Awful. Not awful because it’s actually bad but because I haven’t studied for my Operations Management midterm Tuesday. The one everyone said was the hardest of all midterms, and that requires high mastery of course materials. So yeah, you better believe I’m putting off studying for the hardest midterm, of the class I’m somewhat adept in to blog instead. Also Dad, if you’re by chance reading this, I’m sorry. I promise I did start studying and doing the HW after I wrote this, honest. So if I haven’t been studying, what HAVE I done since breakfast?

#1) Finished watching “Animal House”

“Animal House” was one of the first movies I ever watched growing up (for better or for worse), and I’d wager it’s one of my favorites. Everything from John Belushi’s character Bluto to the general debauchery of Delta house makes it one of the movies I can watch over and over and never get tired of. Last night I started watching it on one of the free movie sites but it kept buffering and rather than punch my monitor I opted to just re-subscribe to Netflix instead. If for some reason why you haven’t seen it, drop everything and watch it now. NOW! If I was willing to pay for Netflix again just to finish this, then it’s worth it.

#2) Watched Van Wilder

First time seeing this one. Grew up on some of the other National Lampoon movies, and coming fresh off of Animal House I started up this one (which is also on Netflix). I love Ryan Reynolds, never fails to make me laugh, so on that merit alone I recommend it but otherwise it’s a good movie I’ll probably re-watch in a couple years.

#3) Almost Finished American Pie

Similar to Animal House, this was a rewatch. Didn’t feel it would be right to just jump right into Beta House again without making the rounds through all the others so here I am. One of my favorites without a doubt, in movie and franchise wise. Had about thirty-five minutes left before Trevor hit me with that “You alive?” text so figured I’d get a blog in real quick. The Pie scene

will never cease to make me laugh, nor could anyone ever forget the Stiffmeister.

While it’s been fun to spend some time with y’all, I best be going. I gotta finish the movie, and then after that seriously hit the books and finish that homework (for reals this time). Enjoy your weekend everyone, see you back here Monday!

Update: As of 7:49 PST, (read: several hours after writing this blog) I have finished the movie. Now I can begin studying for my midterm and do my homework.

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