I’m Ready To Run Through A Wall After The Dan Campbell Press Conference

The Lions introduced Dan Campbell today as the coach, having his introductory press conference. This was the best introductory press conferences I have seen. Campbell was electric but honest about the team. I love how he knows what the fans have been through, he is upfront and that’s refreshing. Campbell talking about kneecaps and being the last ones standing, just some electric stuff. He knows what the city, team, and fans have gone through and wants to turn this around. You have to love that.

That wasn’t all from Campbell, he touched on Matthew Stafford and how the team is currently set up.

First things first, the part about Stafford. Campbell wants this team built on toughness. Stafford is as tough as they come. From that quote, it seems like Campbell wants Stafford to stay but then you hear “I know he wants to win, I’ll leave it at that.” That could mean the Lions are going into a rebuild and saying Stafford can go in somewhere else or it could mean the Lions are trying to do anything possible to try to win right away for Stafford. This team as currently set up is a long way from being a contender. Either the Lions need to make some blockbuster moves or Stafford could be heading somewhere else. I love the second quote, Campbell knows what this team is. A team with some talent on the offense and a bad defense. Finally, some real honesty out of a coach.

I have never been more pumped after a press conference than this one. I was in the middle on this hire. After that press conference I am all in. Let’s do this Dan Campbell, let’s bite some kneecaps off.

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