I’m Pro DaBaby, Screw The Kids!

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Last night a video service on the Internet of rapper DaBaby going to buy candy off the street from a couple of kids.

These kids tried to finesse DaBaby by saying that entire box cost $200, but you can buy one for $2 which didn’t make any sense seeing there is only 34 bags of candy in the box. At that rate it wouldn’t even be $100 for the entire box. Didn’t make much sense. DaBaby said he will just take one candy instead of over paying for the box.

Now people on the Internet are saying DaBaby was in the wrong here. I disagree. The kids shouldn’t have tried to play with him, or if they weren’t, they need to learn math. Because that price tag they were throwing around made no sense.

Here are some people talking about it:

I’m 100% on team DaBaby, you gotta know your numbers!

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