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If You’re Slandering Jeff Okudah After Going Up Against Davante Adams & Aaron Rodgers In His First Pro Game, Then You’re A Huge Clown

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At this point most of the reactions from Sunday’s loss have been filed in over the past two days. I’m disappointed in the team’s play like everyone else, but the people singling out Okudah for his play need to take a hike. The dude played his first career pro game against arguably the best WR in the league and one of the best QB’s to ever toss a pigskin. Yeah, it wasn’t pretty, but if you were expecting him to shut Adams down then you’re a huge clown. Defensive Back is one of the hardest positions for rookies to adjust to the NFL. Okudah will be completely fine and will improve throughout the season. Yeah, there’s big expectations as the number 3 overall pick, but you can’t just expect him to come in immediately Game 1 and not have any mistakes, especially the given matchup.

Im sick of Lions fans always overreacting and trashing the players, and it affects the culture. Yes, the franchise has made us all miserable, but continuing to bash the players isn’t going to make anything better. Okudah was the top corner in the nation last year for a reason, it wasn’t a fluke.

A big part of why Okudah was torched had to do with the lack of a pass rush. When you fail to create pressure against Aaron Rodgers, you’re setting up your DB’s for failure. You can’t expect to give time to one of the best quarterback’s at creating time and throwing on the run outside of the pocket.

There were also bogus rumors that came out Monday on how Patricia preferred Derrick Brown over Okudah in the draft, and how Quinn went against his wished. Patricia shut those garbage headlines down immediately:

I have zero regrets about picking Okudah and either should you. And FYI, the other rookies on our board haven’t exactly been balling out. Derrick Brown and Isiah Simmons have struggled, and Tua has yet to even see the field yet. Do I wish that maybe we could’ve traded down? Ideally yes, but thats in the past and Quinn already said after the draft that he didn’t have any suitors trying to trade for the 3rd overall pick.

Overall, quit the bashing on Okudah. He’ll be fine. Support the players, if you’re looking for people to blame, look at the coaching staff. Only thing is that it’s not getting any easier next week, as the Lions travel to Arizona to take on Kyler Murray, DHop, Larry Fitz & the electric Cardinals offense. Fun!

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