“If You Love Somebody Set Them on Fire” Happy May 19th!

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Today is May 19th and for WWE fans, it’s a momentous day (especially if you’re a fan of WWE Hall of Famer Kane) as fans remember that legendarily bad storyline where wrestling’s “Big Red Machine” was tortured by the date “May 19th”. It’s been 15 years since the storyline and WWE fans still remember it as arguably the second-worst storyline involving Kane (the first of course being the Katie Vick storyline). May 19, 2006 always marks the 15th anniversary of the WWE Studios horror film See No Evil, starring Kane (aka the Honorable Glenn Jacobs).

Kane explains the relevance of May 19th

The year was 2006. the High School Musical soundtrack and Justin Timberlake’s Future Sex/Love Sounds topped the charts, but cares about that. We’re talking WWE action. Kane and the Big Show had just lost the World Tag Team Championship to the Spirit Squad, but they were expected to easily win them back from the WWE’s resident male cheerleading squad. Unfortunately, Kane’s always-fragile psyche saw him plagued by the date May 19th, with him having auditory hallucinations of the date May 19th. Kane couldn’t hold it together and became completely unraveled, eventually confronting his evil twin (or was it his good twin?) a Kane lookalike. The storyl ine saw Kane reveal that May 19th was the date his parents went up in smoke, but the date held another meaning: it was the release date for Kane’s horror film See No Evil

, a WWE Studios production that was released in theaters (the film cost a reported $8.6 million to make and brought in $18.6 million) and later to home video. The film holds a 5.1 stars out of 10 at and after viewing it, I can say I’ve seen worse.

Den of Geek has a detailed summary of the Kane May 19th shits-how, but I wanted to honor its fabulous 15th anniversary as a number of wrestling fans still celebrate it (or at least acknowledge it), a reminder that wrestling fans remember the good, the bad, and the ugly. And gentle reader, it don’t get much uglier than that.

In hindsight, the WWE couldn’t have picked a better person to play the psycho killer in See No Evil as Kane always looked like he’d come fresh from croaking someone. Kane has always been a fantastic character and Glen Jacobs deserves credit for keeping the character fresh despite some awful storylines. My only regret about the film and the May 19th angle was that the WWE didn’t use the Dead Milkmen’s classic “If You Love Someone Set Them on Fire”

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