If You Can Sink a Hole-in-One In This 19th Hole in South Africa, You Win $1 Million Prize!

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Sinking a hole-in-one in golf can be challenging and be a once-in-a-lifetime thing, but this hole in South Africa could land some golfer $1 million instantly. 

Known as the highest and longest par-3 hole in the world at 390 yards, the famous hole, also known as the Extreme 19th Hole, is located at the Legend Golf and Safari Resort in the Limpopo province. 

The province is located northeast from the country’s capital, Johannesburg. 

The tee at the hole is high above ground (approx. 1,400 feet) that golfers need a helicopter just to get up there.

It is in fact so high that it takes a golf ball a mere 30 seconds just to reach the greens on the ground. 

And the challenge is simple, sink a hole-in-one on this hole and that golfer wins $1 million U.S. dollars instantly.

Here’s a YouTube video posted by Golf Tube that explains the hole’s challenge. There is another video on the app that features pro golfer Padraig Harrington playing golf from the hole as well. 

As of today, there has been no reported golfers that shot a hole-in-one there yet. However, only 14 golfers have reportedly sank a birdie on the infamous par-3.

Harrington was also the first golfer to finish with a birdie too. 

The cost to participate on this hole is (U.S.) $6,900 per four balls (likely per person), and that includes helicopter ride, souvenir cap and gloves, and a DVD of yourself playing on it. 

If you like golf, but are afraid of heights, you also might need to bring an extra pair of pants. Just saying.

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