If you are going to talk smack about the Bears, Akiem Hicks will have no problem shutting you down

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This Schmuck thinks he can walk into soldier field and play at the same level the Bears defense plays. The Bears a.k.a the number one defense in the league! Then he goes to say that they will have no problem with the Bears offense. To Quote Will Ferrel in the Wedding Crashers, “What an Idiot!” Of course he wants to play in week 1(Bears play the Packers that week so that’s definitely not happening, bud). “It can’t be Week 17,” Jordan said to NFL Total Access’s host. Ya, no shit because you can’t handle bear weather baby, so go back to your Super Dome.

All an all Jordan feels pretty high on himself and his team. So naturally, Akiem Hicks needs to remind him that they do not want that smoke – no matter what week they play.

Que the Boom roast gif because Hicks straight got his ass. My favorite part of this tweet is when he says they can’t hold our jock. That is an alpha move if I ever saw one. This isn’t where this twitter fights ends though and Hicks is here to embarrass this scrub on twitter:

Cam Jordan just got body bagged and it is all because Hicks was just telling the truth. The Bears are on the rise and have a real chance at winning the Super Bowl. The offense is coming together and are going to be great while the defense will keep showing everyone why they are the best defense in the league. So keep talking that shit Hicks because we know you can back it up on the field. And to all of you who read this blog, Bear Down Baby!

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