If We Aren’t Calling Jake Paul A Real Boxer, What The Hell Makes Tommy Fury A Real Boxer. This Guy Has Beat Random Bums Out Of The Worst Gyms

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I have heard a lot of people talk about Tommy Fury like he’s gonna be his brother, they down play Jake Paul but hype up Tommy. LOOK AT THE BUMS HES BEAT, everyone says oh Jake has fought an old non fighter or a basketball player, Tommy is beating literal bums. 10-102??????? What the fuck are you still boxing for if you have lost that many fights, you can’t even be proud to beat him everyone has it’s like fucking the town groupie and being proud of that. Tommy has to be getting hype purely for his last name he isn’t impressive he’s as good as the next amateur boxer in a local gym. I’m gonna go as far to say Jake is more of a real boxer with this fight against Tyron, a REAL fighter not some random out of a gym that Tommy is getting. After Jake beats Tyron we need to say Jake vs Tommy, I want to see Tommy get embarrassed and for Jake to finally prove everyone wrong. Although after Tommy loses to Anthony Taylor I don’t think Jake will have any interest in Tommy. I’m honestly tired of the Jake Paul hate he gets in boxing, I wasn’t a fan of him until he started boxing, all he’s done is prove people wrong and they just raise the standard everytime and make excuses when he passes it. It’s pathetic how bad people want to see him lose because they couldn’t do the YouTube grind or Boxing grind he’s both taken over. Jake vs Tyron is gonna be super interesting and my money is on Jake.

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