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If The Upper Peninsula Had A Professional Sports Team, What Would You Name It?

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Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a beautiful place and actually the birth place of professional hockey. But with the low population a professional sports team calling DA U.P home isn’t likely.

Unless it was in a development league or something like the XFL.
I’m sure that Yoopers would jam pack into a stadium and cheer for a team!

I mean whenever the Harlem Globetrotters come up it seems like every Yooper goes to the game or when a town in the U.P is named hockey town, everyone who can get tickets because they’re limited ends up going to the game. I’m sure the U.P could build a fanbase.

If they ever brought a pro team to the Yoop what would you name the team?

I mean.. More than likely the team would be in Marquette. I know there is the Negaunee Miners but how about the Marquette Miners?

It’s hard to think of a team name. What would you name a team? Let us know, @ProSportsExtra!

Someone recommended, The Yoopers! Duh. How didn’t I think of that? Might sound a little weird though, lol!

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