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If Detroit Fires Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn They’ll Move On From QB Matthew Stafford #OnePride

One thing that doesn’t seem apparent to Detroit Lions fans is if they’re moving on from head coach Matt Patricia and GM Bob Quinn after this season they’ll be moving on from quarterback Matthew Stafford as well.

Although some Lions fans have been calling for Stafford to be traded since the day they drafted him, I’ve always enjoyed him. He’s not the problem in Detroit. But a new GM would look at the fact that he’s been with head coaches Jim Schwartz, Jim Caldwell, and Matt Patricia. Three different head coaches and ‘couldn’t win’ which is very disappointing. Stafford is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and we’ve never been able to see him have the success he deserves.

After yesterday’s disappointing loss to the Chicago Bears it seemed as if 90% of Lions fans are ready to move on from Matt Patricia. Last season Detroit had the lead in seven games in the fourth quarter and ended up losing. Going into the offseason that was obviously one of the biggest focuses, DAGGER TIME.

Matthew Stafford threw what would have been a game winning touchdown to rookie RB D’Andre Swift and he dropped it. Every Lions fan had the thought cross their mind during the fourth quarter before this even happened, this is the same old Lions.

I personally am getting really annoyed with coaching decisions. And that’s coming from the person whose been one of the biggest supporters of Matt Patricia. Hell, probably the biggest supporter.

Yesterday Detroit ran multiple stupid plays, where I, and people I watched the game with called out what was going to happen before. Run, Run, Pass. Run, Run, Pass. Defense kept rushing three players and when they wouldn’t rush three they’d get pressure on the quarterback. Same as last year.

Today is an overreaction Monday. But this stuff can’t keep happening. Can’t keep blowing leads. Detroit needs to let Stafford sling the ball around! The season is short, but if Detroit starts off 0-2 after playing Green Bay in week two things won’t be looking good.

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