If Adam Silver Allows James Harden On The Nets I’m Done With The NBA

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What possibly can the Brooklyn Nets give the Houston Rockets that could justify a trade where the Nets get James Harden.

If David Stern did not allow Chris Paul being traded to the Lakers, then Adam Sliver should not allow the Nets trading for Harden. You would have to think if they landed Harden they would be the favorites to win the title in 2021 no matter what their depth would look like. It would be a crazy Big 3 if this did happen but that is a big IF


It would simply be nuts if James Harden is added to the Brooklyn Nets roster. The super team era would officially back in the NBA. I hope this doesn’t happen because I can’t stand super teams and Net fans are bandwagoning ass-wipes. No one is a diehard Net fan lol.

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