Identity Of Women In WWE Raw Segment With Bianca Belair

Pro wrestlers Lindsay Snow, Gia Roman and Rocky Radley were the extras tonight used in the game show segment with Bianca Belair on WWE Monday Night Raw.

WWE has been doing a series of videos over the last few weeks to basically build up Belair like they did Mr. Perfect back in the late 1980s. They’re putting her over as the most athletic and smartest of the women’s division.

Lindsay Snow will be taking on Leyla Hirsch at Josh Barnett’s “Bloodsport” shoot/work event on 10/11/20 on FITE TV.

Gia Roman is currently the Pro Wrestling 2.0 Women’s Champion in Florida. She was recently used in the NXT Women’s Title #1 con. Battle Royal that was won by Candice LaRae a couple of weeks ago.

Rocky Radley is half of the Queens Of Combat Tag Team Champions with Dynamite Didi.

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