Iconic Cult Horror Actress Daria Nicolodi Passes Away

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Actress Asia Argento announced on her social media today that her mother Daria Nicolodi has died at the age of 70. No cause of death was given. Nicolodi was a friend of mine on social media and the last time she posted anything was on 8/11/20.

Nicolodi began a personal and professional relationship with legendary Italian horror movie director Dario Argento while filming “Deep Red” which was released in 1975. (She played Gianna Berzzi, a reporter trying to help solve the case of a murdered “spirit medium”). The couple would go on to make the horror classics “Suspiria”, “Tenebrae”, “Phenomena” (aka “Creepers”), and “Opera”. They ended their personal relationship in 1985 but remained collaborators over the decades.

1977’s “Suspiria” was in part the brainchild of Nicolodi’s, allegedly inspired by the fairytales that her grandmother told her in addition to her own nightmares. She was supposed to have a pivotal role in the film but she sustained an injury before the production began. She was replaced by Stefania Cassini as Sarah. The movie would turn into a trilogy known as “The Three Mothers” with “Inferno” and “Mother of Tears” as its sequels. Nicolodi appeared in both follow-ups, while Asia Argento took the female lead in “Mother of Tears”. (Asia and Nicolodi also performed together in 1998’s “Viola Kisses Everybody” and 2000’s “Scarlet Diva”. The latter film was written and directed by Asia and produced by Dario and Claudio Argento).

She starred in Mario Bava’s “Shock” in 1977. Although she earned critical acclaim as the damsel in distress, the movie was initially panned as yet another supernatural horror thriller trying to cash in on the success of “The Exorcist” and “The Omen” among their other countless ripoffs throughout the 1970s. It was the final big screen release of Bava’s. He died of a heart attack in 1980.

Nicolodi would team up with Lamberto Bava, Mario’s son and fellow director, for the 1987 horror movie “Delirium”.

”Paganini Horror” in 1989 was the last top billing for Nicolodi. It is quintessentially cheesy 1980s fun with a simple plot about an all-women rock band filming a music video at a haunted mansion.

You can find most of these movies to watch absolutely FREE currently on Tubi and YouTube. Be warned that they contain graphic violence and mature content not for the easily offended or frightened. Here are the trailers:

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