Ice Ribbon Results 8/1/20

Ice Ribbon results from Saitama, Japan 🇯🇵 at IR dojo on 8/1/20 live on Nico pay-per-view:

Risa Sera pinned Thekla with a Falcon Arrow.

Tsukasa Fujimoto and Tsukushi beat Mochi Miyagi and Banny Oikawa when Tsukushi pinned Oikawa after a diving foot stomp.

Makoto pinned Ibuki Hoshi with the Rising Star Suplex.

Maya Yukihi and Cherry beat Suzu Suzuki and Uno Matsuya when Cherry submitted Uno.

They closed the show with a belated birthday celebration for Tsukasa Fujimoto who was born on 7/30/1983.

The company has released a limited edition logo track suit. The roster will start wearing it beginning with the 8/9/20 event in Yokohama. It will only be available to order from now until 8/31.

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