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Ice Ribbon Results 7/11/20: HIRO’e Road To Retirement

Ice Ribbon results from Saitama, Japan 🇯🇵 at the IR dojo 7/11/20 live on Nico pay-per-view:

Tsukushi beat Totoro Satsuki by submission.

Risa Sera and Uno Matsuya beat Tsukasa Fujimoto and Thekla when Matsuya pinned Thekla with a clutch.

Akane Fujita pinned Maika Ozaki with the Mikan de Pon.

Maya Yukihi and HIRO’e beat Mochi Miyagi and Suzu Suzuki when Yukihi pinned Miyagi.

The main event was part of HIRO’e Retirement Road series of matches. She will finish up with Ice Ribbon on 7/25/20 at Korakuen Hall and a P’s Party on 8/5/20. Her actual retirement will take place with Pro Wrestling WAVE on 8/16/20 which will also be at Korakuen Hall.

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