I Was On The Same Side As This OnlyFans Chick And Now She’s Snapping At Me | @jediqueenie

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Holy crap! About an hour ago I was scrolling on Twitter and noticed a quote tweet by ‘Emmy‘ who is an OnlyFans creator talking about how since OnlyFans changed the rules to having to charge $5+ per month it has brought in slower months. I thought that damn, that would suck. I know some of these ladies were making a lot of money, others just enough to make it, and now not being able to control everything makes it harder. So I blogged about it. Figured it was a good thing to do. Maybe the more people who talk about this stupid rule that OnlyFans will change it.

Well that wasn’t the case here for this Jediqueenie chick and I don’t know what her deal is. She was the creator who originally posted the tweet but according to her I’m not allowed to use that Tweet or any of her public images even though they’re blasted on Twitter. Twitter allows every website to Embed public tweets. You’re able to give someone credit by sharing the tweet, you can’t do it of a profile that is private, only ones that are public. And let me tell you.. Not only did she not agree, she snapped. I don’t know what the hell her deal is. I thought that she would have been pumped that we blogged it and even gave her credit. Now I’m getting tweeted at by some of her fans and she’s having the audacity to tell me we need journalism skills. Biiiitchh please. Now I’m getting upset.

Clearly Emmy agreed with us doing the blog, she RT’d it. Another creator quote tweeted it agreeing.

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