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I was crying during this protesters speech then he was arrested: “I love each and every one of you. I feel the pain” Young Humble Black Man To Group Of Cops Then Arrested For No Reason

The fact that it’s 5:42 am, I haven’t slept, and I’m up crying is a problem. You’re going to call me soft. Go ahead. No, I’m not drinking. I can’t sleep after watching this video.

I feel the pain of the black community. I don’t KNOW the pain. I’m white. But I know of the pain. I hear the pain. I feel the pain. The US seems more divided now more than ever in my life time. I see posts on social media from people that I… figured would be posting what they are posting. I just didn’t think I’d actually see it.

I’ve had people tell me that I’m “taking the easy way and ‘choosing the black’ community” what the hell? What’s that even mean? How’s that make sense? Do you think that’s a new thing? I remember when everyone was pissy about Colin Kaep kneeling, but guess what. I wasn’t. It was a peaceful protest.

You know what else was peaceful?

This protest in Charleston, South Carolina. Until… the police decided they’d take out the voice of the movement. As protesters kneeled and watched a brove young black man talk to the cops in the most respectful way possible, with hands of different colored skins on his back supporting the cause.. I couldn’t stop my eyes from crying. The pain he felt, it came melting through the screen and into my eyes. Go ahead, call me soft..

Next thing you know, a couple of officers look at each other and basically say.. ‘enough of this’ and detain the protester. They wouldn’t even show him in handcuffs on camera, they moved that really quick.

If you look at that and don’t think something is FUCKED UP… and you have any sort of contact with me… please… don’t reach out…. please… delete me…

This young man is a leader.

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