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I Trust Patricia But The Backup Quarterback Position Is Very Questionable

Alright Lions fans, the season is upon us and we are headed into week two of preseason. A new head coach underway with Matt Patricia coming from New England as a defensive coordinator. And we obviously have quarterback Matthew Stafford as the starter but a question everyone has… Who will be our backup quarterback? Will the Lions keep three quarterbacks? And should they make a trade or sign a free agent?

Matt Cassel and Jake Rudock are both currently battling for the second string quarterback position. And at this point seeing Cassel is a New England man (like Patricia) hes more than likely going to get it. During week one of the preseason, both quarterbacks seemed to play roughly the same.. As of now it seems as if Stafford gets injured the season will be over.

Should they make a trade? 

While the backup quarterback position is huge in the NFL, I really don’t see the Lions making a trade for a backup quarterback. Obviously with Stafford being the number one quarterback, we have to hope that he doesn’t get injured.

The only way they make a trade for another quarterback is if they’re making a different trade and it happens to be included.

What quarterbacks are on the free agent market? 

Obviously the one everyone think’s right away is Colin Kaepernick. But I don’t think that he would be a good fit with the system the Lions have. I do support Colin Kaepernick though.

Jay Cutler is “retired” and now a reality TV star. But I think he’d come out of retirement if a team offered him a good amount for a backup spot.

T.J. Yates is another respectable free agent.

Derek Anderson, has made a living being a backup quarterback and could be a decent fit. But at this point, why even change what they have.

Mark Sanchez is a free agent, and came out of the same class as Stafford. After the first couple seasons it was questionable if the Lions made the right move. Obviously they did.

Will the Lions keep three quarterbacks?

Honestly.. If they do not make a trade for a backup quarterback they should keep three. It’s always more safe to have three, and if they don’t they should keep a quarterback on the practice squad.

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