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I Threw Up Watching The Giants And Panthers Play a Half of Football

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Thank you Doug for the picture. That first half…. I mean just wow. I had weird confidence going into this game today for the Giants as they take on the Panthers trying to get something going. But man this is just absolutely brutal. I actually felt something coming up my mouth because of it. It was gross.

2 field goals and a safety and this is where we are at.

I mean I am just hysterically laughing. A freakin intentional grounding safety by Darnold. Hahahhaha, but anyway My eyes are just bleeding from this game right now.

The Giants have had many “close” opportunities. Naturally, they were stuffed on the goal line which does not even surprise me anymore with this team.

They were also flagged like crazy. Any time you thought there was any progress on the offensive side, SOMETHING HAD TO HAPPEN. Can we also talk about having 2 illegal man downfield penalties? Not one, two. And the one on Matt Peart was hysterical. The man was doing the salsa all the way down the field. I can’t find a video on it, but once it’s up I will try to update this blog. 

The other one naturally was on Nate Solider, don’t even want to get into that.

In scoreagami news, there hasn’t been a game that has finished 5-3 before, so that would be pretty cool. Maybe we just root for that? 

And of course, once the defense is playing well for the Giants, the offense throws up a dud. It’s really unbelievable. Hope y’all can enjoy the second half. Let’s see if the Giants “who preach discipline” can actually be disciplined.

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