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I Need “That Went Well” Printed On T-Shirts Immediately. The Rappaport Disposition Tape is The Best Thing You’ll Ever See. @stoolpresidente

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This is probably the best thing you’ll see all day. Unfortunately Dave won’t see this blog because Michigan is currently playing right now so that is understandable. But this Rappaport disposition tape has too be the funniest thing of all time.

First of all if Michael kept his legal team after this lawsuit he is a bigger idiot than we all thought, I mean what a terrible job by them. At the end of the video when the lawyer brings up ‘Stool Scenes 52’ as ‘evidence’ it quite clearly proves Portnoy’s innocence by saying he had the t-shirts on the back burner in the event that Rappaport went crazy after Portnoy fires him. It clear shows this was not a premeditated but in fact happened in the aftermath of him being fired.

This clip alone is great. Imagine going through law school just to have a case where you go against Dave Portnoy and he puts you into a pretzel. I mean you should just quit your practice right then are there. Again the king of content known to us as Dave Portnoy gives us this great moment. There is so many great moments in this video but the best moment or quote is after he just dunked on the lawyer Portnoy utters, “That went well” the case should of been dismissed right then are there.

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