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I Miss College Football

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I realize this might not be timely. We are in the middle of baseball season, the NBA finals are amazing, the Olympics are right around the corner, and football season is months away. Nonetheless, I am currently watching a re-run of a week 6 North Carolina @ Virginia game from last season, so that prompted this blog.

From a betting perspective, college football is amazing. Upsets weekly, fun lines, exciting matchups. It can’t be beat.

The rivalries and the pageantry is world class. Some of sports greatest rivalries. Auburn Alabama, Ohio St Michigan, Florida Georgia, I could go on and on. These small cities close down for game day. For a few hours every Saturday, football is everything. The colors, the sounds. The gold domes of Notre Dame, the Nole Chop in Tallahassee, the 12th man for A&M. College football is romantic.

The best aspect right now, is that every game matters. In the NFL, you can lose 7 or so games and still win the title. Basketball and hockey are 82 game seasons. Baseball is 162! In college football, you can lose 1, maybe 2 games in order still contend for a title. Every game is intense. It’s a must win. The matchups of ranked teams and title contenders on a weekly basis, in that must win situation is insane.

I’ll start posting some more blogs between now and the start of the season. Future bets and win totals, as well as conference breakdowns. Gonna be a great season.

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