I Love Derrick Rose And The Fans That Gave Him A 1st Place MVP Vote

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I love Derrick Rose, I questioned many times this year where would the Knicks have been without D Rose and it most likely would not have been the 4th seed in the East. He showed out too many critics that he still has a lot left in the tank. The MVP voting results came out today and it was reveled that D Rose received a 1st place vote by the fans.

I would just like to say post pandemic I would like to kiss all those fans on the mouth. This is awesome that he got some recognition for the great season he h ad. Rose had a 6th Man Of The Year type year really excelling at his new role that he has found for himself in the second half of his career. Nothing would make me happier if the Knicks re-signed Rose this offseason.

Derrick still has a lot in the tank and will continue to ball out whether he is with the Knicks or not. It really was an awesome season for the Knicks even if he did not end how they would of liked it. They surpassed every expectation the media or the fanbase had out for them and brought life back into the city. The fanbase can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel of building this franchise into an actual contender in the East and it is very exciting. I know I can speak on behalf of all Knicks fans when I say we want D Rose back.

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